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In the present book, we have used some Arabic and Persian words in Roman transliteration. Below are given the English translation of such words and other expressions for the information of our readers

Rabb Creator, Nourisher, Sustainer.
Sunnat-i-Mu’akkadah A Prophetic tradition which has beenstrongly recommended to be emulated.
Sunnat-i-Ghair Mu’akkadah A Prophetic tradition which has not been strongly recommended to be emulated.
Fard Obligatory.
Waajib Essential.
Nafl Optional; Voluntary; Extra.
Fard-e-Kifaayah An obligation which will be fulfilled even if performed by only some people in an area.


Mustahab Desirable.
rak’aat (Pl. Rak'aat) Part of the prayer, which includes standing,bowing down and two prostrations.
Namaaz Prayer.
Du'aa Supplication.


Wuzw Ablution.
Ghusl Bath.
Tayam-mum Dry ablution or bath.
Durood Shareef Salutations and blessings of Al-Laah upon the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam).
Shar'ee According to Divine guidelines.
Sharee 'at Divine guidelines.
Mu'min A staunch believer in Islaam.
Jama’at Congregation.
Mu'az-zin One who gives the call to prayer.
Imaam The prayer-leader.
Khateeb A preacher.
Khutbah A sermon.
Tasbeeh Glorification of Al-Laah.
Wazeefah (Pl. Wazaa'if) Routine adoration.
Qiyaam Standing position.
Sanaa Praise of Al-Laah.
Tasmiyah (Al-Laah, in whose name I begin, is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful).
Ta'aw-wuz (To Al-Laah I be take myself for refuge from the accursed (Shaitaan) Satan .
Takbeer (Al-Laahu Akbar) Al-Laah is the Greatest.
Takbeer-e-Tahreemah The call to prayer before the start of Namaaz.

Peace (salutations on both sides indicating end of Namaaz).

Qa'dah (Pl. Qu'ood)

Sitting upright on knees reverentially after rising from the second Sajdah at the end of the second rak'aat.

Jalsah Sitting on knees between two prostrations.

Standing upright after bowing down (Rukoo`).

Makrooh (Pl. Makroohaat) Odious; Undesirable; Disliked.
Makrooh (Tahreemi)

Strictly odious an absolute taboo.

Haraam Forbidden; Unlawful.
Rukoo' Bowing down.
Sajdah (Pl. Sujood) Prostration

Prostration for making a chance-mistake during Namaaz.


The Holy Ka'bah any object of veneration and reverence.

Jum'ah Friday.
Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at

The group of Muslims whose beliefs and acts conform to the way of he holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) and of his companions (Radiyal Laahu 'Anhum).


(Al-Laah has listened to him who has praised Him).


(O our Rabb! All praise is due to You alone).

Janaazah Funeral.
Faatihah Opening chapter of the Holy Qur'aan.

Total submission to Al-Laah's Commands.

Deen Religion.

Seeking Al-Laah's approval before undertaking something.

Musalmaan A person who believes in Islaam.
Shart (Pl. Sharaa'it) Condition.
At-Tahiy-yaat' Sitting in each Qa'dah and reciting praises of AL-Laah, and sending Salaam on the holy Prophet and all virtuous bondsmen of Al-Laah.
Zikr (Pl. Azkaar) Remembrance
Masnoon Acts exemplified by the holy Prophet.
Qunoot Obedience and devotion to Al-Laah.